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Le title says it all… “Parlé-ing Franglais” is when, after you may or may not have gotten into your 3€ bottle of wine, you mix French (le français) and English (l’anglais) words together, thus creating a super-sexy-pseudo-language I like to call FRANGLAIS.

Lunch in the Park

My new friends (or at least the kids I hired to pose as my new friends–DO I SEEM POPULAR?!) playing in a grassy knoll near L’Institut de Touraine.

3€ Bottle of Wine

Whoever said money can’t buy you class–sorry, Luann!–clearly had never been to France: where wine is cheaper than water.

All it takes is a mere 3€ (2 coins here!) for INSTANT class.

Oui ou Non? Ballet Flats

Oui, they’re totally a thing here.

Oui ou Non? French Toast

Non, it’s not really a thing here.


Sure, aux États-Unis we like to leisurely sip on our café, but not en France! We Parisian girls have things to see and people to do…wait…

Hence, I give you ESPRESSO. All the jitters of American coffee, with none of the giant mug! You can add crème and/or sucre to your espresso, but know that you are being judged by a café full of Paris natives not only for your Nikes but also for taking your coffee like an 11-year-old girl.

Côte d’Azur

Before I start unloading about the ups and downs of being a broad abroad…

I would like to take you to where it all began,

Going to a place called Cannes!

Brand new, unused, passport in hand,

Horrifyingly American Jack Rogers on feet,

One Professor Glacet is who I was going to meet,

Leaving the country for the first time was quite the feat!

Thinkin’ I was real Frenchy and all,

I exclaimed something along the lines of, “Bonjour, y’all!”

Yes, that might have been the start of my down fall…

Let’s hope for the sake of the readers reader–HEY MOM!–that this is the first and last time I get poetic, because, you know, it would be pathetic, if I made a reoccurring theme of using an AAA BBB CCC rhyme scheme…just kidding…but really.

Anyway, my summer on the French Riviera was très magnifique. I got the chance to attend a few movie premieres at the film festival, lived with the most badass 83-year-old widow you’ll ever meet–Shout out to Madame Clermont (in case she ever gets a computer) SUP WOMAN!–went kayaking in the Mediterranean, performed karaoke on several occasions (the French just couldn’t get enough!), caught a boat to Corsica, hit up Rome, Nice, Monte-Carlo, and–my favorite–ST. TROPEZ, and made awesome friends.