“Congrats Lucy on the worst BuzzFeed contribution in memory,” -Jeremiah Johnson, BuzzFeed user. Whatever, that shit went viral.

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Sometimes I post slanderous things on the internet. Check out more of my articles on BuzzFeed!

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Articles featured on BuzzFeed:

35 Things You Appreciate About America After Living in Europe
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67 Telltale Signs That You Went To Boarding School
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*listed in 50 Best Buzzfeed Posts From Community Members in 2013
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The 31 Stages of Your Diet

Studying Abroad In Paris, As Told By Buddy The Elf

22 Ways You Actually Feel At 22
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Your 41 Most Embarrassing Google Searches

18 Recipes That Make The Paleo Diet Look (Almost) Easy

58 Signs You Went To Summer Camp

What It’s Really Like Taking The Night Bus

27 Signs You Are Margot Tenenbaum
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17 Signs You’re The Karen Smith Of Your Friend Group

20 Signs You’re The Gretchen Weiners Of Your Friend Group

Going On A Blind Date, As Told By “Titanic”

19 Signs You’re The Cady Heron Of Your Friend Group

27 Signs You’re The Regina George Of Your Friend Group

9 Reasons To Love Your Scars

10 Things You Swore You Would Do This Summer

17 Signs You’re Janis Ian From “Mean Girls”

Going On A Cleanse, As Told By “The Hunger Games”

Finals Week, As Told By “Elf”
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16 New Year’s Resolutions You Make And Break Every Year

32 Signs You’re Graduating in May
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22 Signs You’re The Shoshanna Of Your Friend Group

22 Signs You’re The Marnie Of Your Friend Group

What It Is Actually Like To Break Up With Someone

20 Signs Spring Just Isn’t Your Season

27 Signs You’re Addicted to “Serial”
*tweeted by Rabia Chaudry

What It’s Actually Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship
*also translated in Espagnol

Looking For A Job, As Explained By “New Girl”

Articles featured on BuzzFeed Community:

An Ode to Europe

An Ode to Miley

28 Ways Summer Camp Prepared You For Post-Grad Life

The 20 Worst Parts About Coming Back From A Semester Abroad

21 Signs You’re The Jessa Of You’re Friend Group

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But What Is A Filibuster?

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