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Even French Bitches Love This

Shiver me Tinder

Given the surplus of #SingleGirlProblems on Twitter, the internet’s overwhelming obsession with cats, and the fact that wine ice cream even exists, it’s pretty clear that the world is made up of single ladies (cue Beyoncé). If you feel like Johnny Lee circa 1980 and are lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, maybe it’s time you tried a little TLC: Tinder Loving Care. Continue reading

Lies Carrie Bradshaw Told Me



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Le Noctilien: FAQ

Because you know anything’s better than walking alone. tumblr_ma1ywtMsyx1rpt3hd

1. Who takes the night bus? tumblr_menynoMATZ1ryf8if
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My 5-Step Guide To Boy-Girl Relationships

1. “A BOY?!”tumblr_inline_mo36mhanNT1qz4rgp

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22: Expectation vs. Reality

When T. Swift explains what it feels like to be 22…TAY-8

I’m like…anigif_enhanced-buzz-16735-1372343278-2
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Being 20 years old…


Being Catcalled

Abroad, it gets so annoying that you’re like…tumblr_inline_mod2zkJ9Of1rnvwt1

But after being home for a month, you’re like…hotchickro1_r1_500

When I start to tell a story about France…

My friends are like…tumblr_m0e0iim35A1qk6yk3o2_500

When people ask if I still miss Paris…

I’m just like…tumblr_lum9r3GKlS1qhlj22o1_500

The dreaded question…

During the holidays, when family members ask why a “pretty girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend,” you’re just like…tumblr_mdul96hef01r6znxco1_500