22: Expectation vs. Reality

When T. Swift explains what it feels like to be 22…TAY-8

I’m like…anigif_enhanced-buzz-16735-1372343278-2

Because, really, it’s less like this:anigif_enhanced-buzz-4015-1372276374-14

And more like this:anigif_enhanced-buzz-11306-1371077720-25

And a fair amount of this:tumblr_mmrcciPhxv1qjbsm8o1_500

Some of this:tumblr_m7gw8zDn9V1rv2k9go1_400

And a lot of this:HZmLb

What do we do?


Ugh, and:anigif_enhanced-buzz-23749-1372280842-4

We’re constantly flip-flopping between:3aqCB


We’re past this:katy perry gif

But not yet to this:anigif_enhanced-buzz-7975-1372269726-2

I know I should feel like this:tumblr_lxrj527ZWQ1r3ovdbo1_500

Young, wild, and free, right?

But half the time it’s more like:anigif_enhanced-buzz-8002-1372273810-34

Will someone explain to me what’s going on here?tumblr_m09qvrEnCN1qfggsro1_500

If my soul had a voice, it would sound like Britney Spears in 2002.DownloadedFile

That’s right, my soul has killer abs.

One minute I’m like:anigif_enhanced-buzz-19962-1372273141-6

The next:tumblr_m5omaoPm0w1r1ou1mo1_400

Often followed by:tumblr_m5xz2vk0EQ1rpntky

And then back to:anigif_enhanced-buzz-18650-1372273643-31

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.anigif_enhanced-buzz-16870-1372348577-0

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