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Oui ou Non? Halloween

Oui, Halloween exists here.

Non, les français don’t dress up.

And there is obviously no Halloween candy to be found…those skinny bitches.


If you’ve been keeping up with the Weather Channel, you’re probably quoting Danny from Grease this very moment… “Sandy, Sandy, why-yi-yi-yi-yi, oh, Sandy?!”

Hurricane “Post-tropical superstorm” Sandy (as she’s going by these days) is wreaking havoc across the Northeast of the US. To those who have suffered and will suffer from the aftermath of this natural disaster, know that you’re in our prayers. Every stormcloud has a silver lining: unity. We’re all in this together. God bless America.

Mot du Jour: Déguisement

In honor of Halloween demain, my first French word of the day is déguisement.

The debut to my short-lived career as a film star

déguisement (noun, masculine) [day-geeze-eh-mont]: what les français call a costume.

My first déguisement, as a hobo

Last night I was telling my host family about my plans of bringing Halloween à Paris, and I didn’t know the word for costume. When in doubt, add a French accent to the English word. CostOOME? I tried. They immediately knew what I meant but said, “Non, c’est un day-geeze-eh-mont.” At first I thought that was such a funny word to mean costume, but then it occurred to me that it had the same root as the English word disguisement, and then it occurred to me that actually the English word isn’t disguisement but disguise. I’m losing English words left and right, y’all, and my spelling has gone to shit. Anyway, Joyeux Halloween from Paris, and don’t forget your déguisement!

My personal fav handmade déguisement, Furby – KA 90’s theme party 2010

Breakfast in America

So I’ve been a little homesick the past week or so. I know, I know, how could someone possibly miss Tennessee when they’re à Paris? Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the lack of iced coffee, maybe I’m getting tired of being told my accent is mignon, maybe I just miss my bichon frise, but every once in a while, I really do wish that I was on old Rocky Top! And what better way to honor les états-unis than to eat at a diner called Breakfast in America?

the Obama Milkshake in honor of the upcoming election

BIA is cool, everyone speaks English, but it’s one of those places you only want to eat at like once ever and then go to Club Med for the rest of the day week.

Quoting Mean Girls

I’d like to start off with a question: What is the limit to the number of times you can accurately answer a question with a quote from Mean Girls?

If you didn’t immediately shout, “The limit does not exist!” well…YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!!!!

If there’s ever an awkward silence, you can usually look to Tina Fey for guidance.

It can be used to explain cultural phenomena.

Also, Mean Girls and politics go together like PB and J gin and tonic!

Even Walt Disney knew joining the mathletes was social suicide…

In France, Mean Girls is called Lolita Malgré Moi. I know, right? So weird.

Like, how do you say, “Trang Pak is a grotsky little byotch” en Français?

Oui ou Non? Peanut Butter

Non, the French really aren’t into beurre de cacahuètes. They usually have it in the foreign food aisle, which cracks me up first of all, but they only have kind of janky brands, no Jif.

I asked a French girl about it, and she said that peanut butter is really bad for you. I was like, qoui? Putting ham and cheese and butter on bread is just as many calories as PB and J. She said, “Yes, but you’d rather have ham and cheese and butter.” No, what? Anyway, they eat Nutella the same way we eat peanut butter, like with bananas, on bread in the morning, etc.

Nutella:France as PB:Amurica

Le Refuge des Fondues

When someone invites me to Le Refuge des Fondues, I’m like…

It’s this place where they serve wine in baby bottles. I know it sounds really weird, but…okay, yeah, it’s pretty freaking weird.

After drinking wine out of a baby bottle all night, you feel pretty attached to it, you know, and want to take it with you, but, like everything à Paris, c’est très cher. What I should have done is stuck that bad boy in ma purse, but, being a woman of morals, I decided to coerce the waiter into giving me mine for free instead. Why do you think you can get free shit all the time? one might ask. Only because I always do! From drinks to cab rides to…more cab rides, I do an okay job of not paying for stuff. So obviously I make it out with a baby bottle in hand, and what’s my next move? Smash it. Yup, I preceded to drop my baby bottle, which was made of glass b-t-dubs (who knew?) in le métro, and it shattered EVERYWHERE. So much for not makin’ a scene

Sewanee Girls!