Oui ou Non? Peanut Butter

Non, the French really aren’t into beurre de cacahuètes. They usually have it in the foreign food aisle, which cracks me up first of all, but they only have kind of janky brands, no Jif.

I asked a French girl about it, and she said that peanut butter is really bad for you. I was like, qoui? Putting ham and cheese and butter on bread is just as many calories as PB and J. She said, “Yes, but you’d rather have ham and cheese and butter.” No, what? Anyway, they eat Nutella the same way we eat peanut butter, like with bananas, on bread in the morning, etc.

Nutella:France as PB:Amurica

2 responses to “Oui ou Non? Peanut Butter

  1. Oh my I LOVE Nutella!!!!

  2. Ughhhhh! Yeah, I have a mean craving for Peanut butter for 6 weeks. I had a French friend tell me the same thing, “Peanut butter is to rich and bad for you.” I was like, “That is my main source of protein.”

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