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And those other “villes” up North…

Andouillette: The Devil’s Penis

I feel like I should preface this story by telling you that it ends in both tears and vomit, so sensitive stomachs beware.

I don’t want to dwell on the sickening details, so I’ll cut to the chase. Tonight, Madame Jan served me this…THING…that resembled a giant penis more than any non-penis object I have ever seen in my life. But WAY uglier. If a flacid penis is gross, then this was something from Dawn of the Dead.
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Betches Love Châteaux

Yesterday we visited a château. Betches love châteaux Salopes aiment les châteaux.

Château de Chenonceau. Can you believe some pro built this for his mistress? And I was content getting a Sonic slushy!

“A countess lived here? Uh-oh, someone call Luann!” -Jérôme

“Bonjour, Y’ALL!”: My Debut

So one minute I’m dancing with a man in a costume at this open-air bar near La Loire, and the next thing I know, my voice is coming out of the loudspeakers, introducing myself–in what I’m sure was PARFAIT French (I kid)–and explaining why the Guingette is my favorite club in Tours.

Some of you might remember my deb ball this spring. Basically, my debut into French society was the same thing, but instead of the Dogwood Society in Knoxville, Tennessee, it was à la Guingette in Tours, France! I was…

What more could a girl ask for at her debut?!

Lunch in the Park

My new friends (or at least the kids I hired to pose as my new friends–DO I SEEM POPULAR?!) playing in a grassy knoll near L’Institut de Touraine.