What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.
So lucy in paris dot com would, were it not lucy in paris dot com called,
Retain that dear perfection which it owes
Without that title…

I decided to rename my site.

I considered keeping Lucy in Paris, but that’s so in denial.

I thought about Lucy in Tennessee, but who wants to read that?

Lucy in Limbo– too Dante Alighieri.

As Told By Lucy– too generic.

What Is My Life?– too honest.

Someday I’ll Look Back On This And Laugh (nervously and change the subject)– too long.

This is Just a Phase– propels my false hope of growing out of my caprice, awkwardness, and baby fat.

From Prep School to Playboy– This sounds more like a change for the worse than an underdog story. And I’ve never been in Playboy. Why did I even consider this?

Fat Lucy– too Rebel Wilson.

I Swear to Blog– I try to avoid empty promises.

Blog Help Me– Is my blog helping me in any way?

Blog Only Knows– too narcissistic.

Are You There, Blog? It’s me, Lucy– too Judy Blume.

Honest to Blog– too expensive (that shit’s FOR SALE for $350.00).

Blog Hog– opens the door to too many fat jokes.

Blog: Man’s Best Friend– just kidding, I would never even consider that.

For The Love of Blog– meh.

Oh My Blog– almost there.

Blog Rest Her Soul– so close to using this. I am incredibly morbid, you know. But maybe my URL should show how punny I am without referencing my impending doom.

As Blog Is My Witnesstumblr_ls6tor3M0X1r0ffnyo1_250

So there you have it. From this point forward, the website formerly known as Lucy in Paris will now be called As Blog Is My Witness. The old URL will, however, still redirect to my new page.DownloadedFile

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