Le Noctilien: FAQ

Because you know anything’s better than walking alone. tumblr_ma1ywtMsyx1rpt3hd

1. Who takes the night bus? tumblr_menynoMATZ1ryf8if

2. And you take it anyway? tumblr_lum9r3GKlS1qhlj22o1_500

3. Do you ever feel unsafe?tumblr_mn6cog4X1I1spyxjco1_500

4. But aren’t people, like, stabbed in the back of the night bus? Yeah, and that’s why I sit in the front.duh3

5. Wait, why do you sit in the front?anigif_enhanced-buzz-29169-1373069879-5

6. How do you catch the night bus?tumblr_mbx59yEbnp1r79k32

7. What did your wussy friends look like that one time they took the night bus?BV4YY

8. What do you look like when you take the night bus?anigif_enhanced-buzz-6827-1372269027-2

9. How does the homeless man next to you normally act?tumblr_m85ykgoxB31rnvwt1

10. How do you react when he whips out his genitals? 102771

11. How do you feel when you get on the night bus?anigif_enhanced-buzz-23066-1373603218-12

12. What goes through your head when you realize you’re going to have to take the night bus? tumblr_inline_mh22btRXbe1rpt3hd

13. Why do you subject yourself to this? For the experience!totallygoinginmyblog
Okay, fine. anigif_enhanced-buzz-23811-1372284292-43

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