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Those moving pictures, like in Harry Potter

Mon Retour

At this point, you’re probably sarcastically saying, Were you, like, in France or something? because I pretty much incorporate it into conversation anytime I get the chance. Is she still going to talk about living in France? Well it was basically the peak of my life so YEAH, I’d say I’m still going to talk about living in France. But just for a minute.
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My Dog has an STD and Other Atrocities at Home

Remember what I said last time about being in Limbo? I take it back…
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Lucy in Limbo

It’s time to face the strange ch-ch-changes (thanks, DB): I’m back. For real.DownloadedFile

I know you scholars probably saw “Lucy in Limbo” and were like, Lucy’s hanging with the virtuous pagans and guiltless damned, what? Sorry, English majors, but I’m not going all Dante Alighieri on you just yet.
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When people ask if I still miss Paris…

I’m just like…tumblr_lum9r3GKlS1qhlj22o1_500

The dreaded question…

During the holidays, when family members ask why a “pretty girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend,” you’re just like…tumblr_mdul96hef01r6znxco1_500

When you come home late…

And your host mom asks if you were with a boy, you’re like…tumblr_llsbkgW85d1qfn7t8

And then you look at your host sister like…NQ8ta

When your friend goes to the bathroom at a restaurant…

And you’re alone at the table like, okay…2Zy64