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Me me me me meeee!

Working Girl

I’ve come to a conclusion:AAAAAvtUjSoAAAAAAEdfhg
…or maybe just not in logistics. It may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t think that locating missing freight is my passion.
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The Critics Love (to Hate) Me!

Though Lucy in Paris dot com remains my passion, I’ve been expanding my writing to other outlets, like the school newspaper and BuzzFeed. Particularly BuzzFeed this week. Now I know that all publicity is good publicity, well-behaved women rarely make history, blah blah blah, but les détracteurs vont détester. Or, en anglais, haters gonna hate.

My first article, 35 Things You Appreciate About America After Living in Europe definitely ruffled some feathers. I mean I really stirred shit up with this one. So far, it’s gotten over 450,000 views, and like 700 responses from angry readers. Allow me to grace you with a highlight reel of the best responses:
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I get around…

Thanks to Delta Skymiles! What did you think I meant? This summer I’ve been to Chicago, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, and, of course, Tennessee.

Chicago/Evanston to visit my Paris friends at Northwestern, which is still ranked pretty high on my list, in spite of sharing a name with Baby Kimye, whom I was hoping would be named Wild Wild, but that’s another story.DownloadedFile

VA Beach to spend time with our friend Jules Reid. DownloadedFile_3

Baltimore to see family.DownloadedFile_2

And Tennessee, home sweet home.DownloadedFile_4