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Spoiler alert!

Serial S2 E1 Recap: Bergdahl, Don’t Be a Hero

It has been over a year since I learned about the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee through the Peabody Award-winning podcast Serial, yet certain details of the state’s case against Adnan Syed still eat away at me. I mean, who out there hasn’t woken up in a cold sweat over the Nisha call? Continue reading

Quoting Mean Girls

I’d like to start off with a question: What is the limit to the number of times you can accurately answer a question with a quote from Mean Girls?

If you didn’t immediately shout, “The limit does not exist!” well…YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!!!!

If there’s ever an awkward silence, you can usually look to Tina Fey for guidance.

It can be used to explain cultural phenomena.

Also, Mean Girls and politics go together like PB and J gin and tonic!

Even Walt Disney knew joining the mathletes was social suicide…

In France, Mean Girls is called Lolita Malgré Moi. I know, right? So weird.

Like, how do you say, “Trang Pak is a grotsky little byotch” en Français?

Taken 2

Whenever I do something sketchy, like ask a nun to call me a cab or frequent “le weird bar” (see photo below), my friends and I joke that is going to be renamed or, worse,

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Taken 2 was an actual movie coming out this fall! If you haven’t seen Taken, it’s basically like Finding Nemo but with real people. Liam Neeson is overly protective of his daughter because she’s retarded he’s an FBI agent, but then one day she’s all, “I’m gonna touch the butt!” and gets kidnapped by some Turkish dudes who want to take her to a brothel at P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, and all Marlin Liam Neeson has to work off of is one kidnapper’s voice saying “Shark bate, ooh ah ah.”

Anyway, my friend Gabby and I went to see the 2nd one today. In Taken 2, the kidnappers’ families are all verklempt because Liam Neeson is a total BAMF and will stop at nothing to rescue Nemo, so they decide to kidnap him, his daughter, and his wife AGAIN. What’s crazy is that this whole situation would be completely avoidable if Nemo hadn’t taken a cab with that cute French guy in the beginning of the first movie. The moral of this story is TAKE THE METRO.

The Help

As Jeremy and I were watching crying through The Help last night, I started thinking about all the reasons it resonated with us.

For starters, we can all relate to Skeeter Phelan. As someone whose frizzy hair presents myriad obstacles in life, I can empathize. And when her family is convinced she’s a lesbian, I mean, we’ve all been there, right? (RIGHT?! Maybe that’s just me…) Not to mention she looks SO badass rippin’ cigs and writing on her typewriter. I’m sure that’s exactly how I look when I work on this blog.

Second, we’ve all had to deal with someone like Regina George Hilly Holbrook in our lives.
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