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Are you gonna finish that?

Oui ou Non? Macarons

Oui, they are EVERYWHERE.

Non, the French don’t actually eat them on the reg.

3€ Bottle of Wine

Whoever said money can’t buy you class–sorry, Luann!–clearly had never been to France: where wine is cheaper than water.

All it takes is a mere 3€ (2 coins here!) for INSTANT class.


Sure, aux États-Unis we like to leisurely sip on our café, but not en France! We Parisian girls have things to see and people to do…wait…

Hence, I give you ESPRESSO. All the jitters of American coffee, with none of the giant mug! You can add crème and/or sucre to your espresso, but know that you are being judged by a café full of Paris natives not only for your Nikes but also for taking your coffee like an 11-year-old girl.