Le McBaguette

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

I support chickens of all sexual orientations. Therefore, in honor of not eating bigot chicken, I present to you Le McBaguette.

I’ve never actually eaten one, and one might ask, “Why would you, when there are so many other très délicieux things to eat in France?” But after a glass bottle of 3€ wine, I can totally see how it could happen. And the MacDos here are totally chic, too! (I used to snag their wifi every night in Cannes) They sell macarons and some special SEX SYRUP known as La Pommes-Frites-Sauce.

“There’s no comparison to pommes-frites-sauce. It gets a bad rep ’cause it looks like mayonnaise, BUT it’s probably one of the best condiments out there. The US needs to hop on the pommes-frites-sauce train asap,” -Trapp Tubbs.

Anyway, I’m not encouraging that you turn into a McHeifer or anything, just broadening the horizon of your drunk-noms-world.

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