Nude Beaches

The only thing more embarrassing than looking like a lobster after a day at the beach is having tan lines, which, with the modern technology of sunscreen and spray-tans, is completely avoidable!

I mean REALLY, Kim, get your shit together!

Then again, spray-tans can get streaky and, as it turns out, that urban legend that tanning beds are bad for you isn’t an urban legend after all…but fear not, for I present a solution: NUDE BEACHES.

My mom: “Lucy went topless at the beach today, and her kayak instructor said she looked chic and très française.”
Rodney: “Lucy went kayaking?”

And you might feel uncomfortable in your BIRTHDAY SUIT (^^get it?!) in front of a beach full of strangers at first, but keep in mind–and trust me when I say–that THEY’VE SEEN MUCH WORSE.

2 responses to “Nude Beaches

  1. That’s what I love about nude beaches – there are people of all shapes and sizes. Although, very rarely have I not been the guy with the smallest pecker on the. But, i suppose I make up for that by having a fit and toned body, and nobody seems to notice anyway.

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