En Corse

What happens en Corse…shows up on my blog later.

I would like to tell you a little bit about my trip to the weirdest place in the world: Corsica. “WTF is a Corsica?” you might ask. Well, after taking a history of Corsica class and then spending 10 days there…I still couldn’t tell ya.

Basically, shit got pretty weird. First of all, there are cows on the beach. Yeah, just grazin’ in the grass sand. Casual. On the other hand, we all looked pretty good in comparison.

Second, there is a zoo devoted solely to turtles. I mean, I can dig it.

Third, there was a surplus of wild kitties roaming around our hotel.

Fourth, I may or may not have performed my Like A Prayer dance…twice.

Fifth, we went scuba diving, and Hannah’s tank was OUT OF AIR. And the instructor didn’t realize it UNTIL WE WERE DONE. Just ask Chris Brown, you can’t breathe with no air.

Sixth, KK took survival of the fittest drunkest to a whole new level by devolving back to our great, great, great ancestor, THE RAPTOR. Yeah, if that statement wasn’t scientifically correct, Charles Darwin can suck my andouillette.

Last, but certainly not least, Hannah literally DROVE THE BOAT from Ajaccio to Nice. Like, I can’t even…

Overall, I was in great company and it was a great trip, but let’s just say I’m not planning on boarding the Corsica Ferry again anytime soon.

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