London…so hot right now…London.

It honestly might be my favorite third favorite city in Europe, after Cannes and Paris, bien sûr.

When you’re in London, you feel like you’re in Europe because everything is foreign and interesting, but at the same time, it’s easy because everything is in English. You cannot imagine my excitement when I heard, “Mind the gap” (probably 25 times) while stepping off the tube, which is much nicer than le métro, I might add.

In London, everyone still thinks your accent is cute, but you can make jokes! They laugh with you instead of at you. No need for franglais or faking French, you literally SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE.

London is like America, but with better accents and worse teeth.

I stayed with my friend Nanner while I was there, and let me tell you, that girl can lead a tour like nobody’s business. She could actually be a tour guide of London on the side. We saw EVERYTHING. Call us MK & A, because we were totally winning London.

We did so much that I couldn’t even remember it all, so Nanner compiled a list for me:
Brick Lane
St. Paul’s
Oxford Circus
Selfridges & Co.
Borough Market
Westminster Pier
Big Ben
Houses of Parliament
Westminster Abbey
Downing Street
Trafalgar Square
National Portrait Gallery
Piccadilly Circus
Canonbury Street
Regent Street
China Town
Buckingham Palace/Changing of the Guards
St. James Park
Green Park
Hyde Park Corner
❤ Harrods ❤
Leicester Square
Covent Garden

Buckingham Palace was exciting, even though I didn't get to see my girl Kate while I was there…maybe next time. Borough Market is this little piece of heaven in the form of an open-air food market. Harrods will get its own post. Changing of the Guards was cool to watch. Top Shop is also AMAZING, and word on the rue is there’s one à Paris, HOLLA.

As you can see, we were on our feet all weekend. My dogs are barkin’.

I was sad to leave London, but happy to come home, and by home I mean Paris, which also makes me happy. Hood is where the heart is, and my heart belongs to Paris.

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