The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!DownloadedFile_2

People are all, “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show creates negative body images! Little girls are going to tune in to watch Justin Bieber and get unrealistic expectations about their appearance!” And after all Lady Gaga’s hard work…DownloadedFile
I mean yeah, the VSFS serves as annual thinspiration for women across the world, but it is actually so much more than that.

It stimulates the economy. Think of all the gym memberships renewed the next morning.

It has artistic value, both aesthetically (Alessandra) and musically (Biebs, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars).

This event is not without cultural relevance because it so accurately captures the zeitgeist of my generation. Just consider the diverse makeup of the audience, which often boasts actors, singers, CEO’s, and even European royalty.

Nor is this event devoid of scientific merit: it showcases Adriana Lima, who is surely the medical miracle of our time. Who looks that good in her underpinnings 6 weeks after eating a sandwich, let alone 6 weeks after birthing a baby?DownloadedFile_3
I’ll never wear a jog bra again…

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