Le Mix Club

In the words of Ernest Hemingway, it’s the “cesspool of the rue Mouffetard.”
Okay, maybe it’s at Montparnasse, and Hemingway was actually talking about Le Café des Amateurs, but it’s the same idea. Maybe Mix Club is Le Club des Amateurs…they do put lids and straws on their drinks, after all.

It’s one of those clubs where you’re kind of nervous to check your coat, and it’s cheaper for Americans to get in. You’re probably not going to find cool Parisian guys to buy you drinks or invite you to after-parties, and the bartenders are like really serious…and one was a woman. You have to pay to get into VIP (Doesn’t being pretty get you anywhere these days?!) even if someone with a pass invites you. Yeah, it’s pretty grungy and not what you would call authentic Paris, but they basically let anyone with an ID in, which is ideal for big groups, and it’s a good place to let your freak flag wave.523865_10151295983183961_970432149_n

One response to “Le Mix Club

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