PAD: Post-Abroad Depression

I know what you’re thinking… Aren’t you, like, home or something? Yes, fine, Lucy is not in Paris…but the blog lives on.

Let me use the Kübler-Ross model to explain the stages of grief that I’ve been experiencing since my return…

1. Denial: This is NOT my permanent residence! I am NOT changing the name of my blog!DownloadedFile

2. Anger: Me messaging my friends to let them know I’m home… tumblr_mdhlmvNZ4v1ryb0hd

3. Bargaining: If I promise to give the homeless man at Centier 20 centimes everyday, can I come back?! 155882_10151307635913961_1866412452_n

4. Depression: Everything’s fine until suddenly…tumblr_m7gw8zDn9V1rv2k9go1_400

5. Acceptance: If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the couch.64004_505407262838096_253446216_n

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