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Oh you France-y, huh?

Nude Beaches

The only thing more embarrassing than looking like a lobster after a day at the beach is having tan lines, which, with the modern technology of sunscreen and spray-tans, is completely avoidable!

I mean REALLY, Kim, get your shit together!

Then again, spray-tans can get streaky and, as it turns out, that urban legend that tanning beds are bad for you isn’t an urban legend after all…but fear not, for I present a solution: NUDE BEACHES.
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Oui ou Non? Confiture


Get it?! Prime example of Franglais.

Oui ou Non? Macarons

Oui, they are EVERYWHERE.

Non, the French don’t actually eat them on the reg.


Scarves for Dummies: A Love Story

Read the tale of how one, lone, pink scarf from J. Crew’s 2012 Spring collection changed my wardrobe life…

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Oui ou Non? Ballet Flats

Oui, they’re totally a thing here.

Oui ou Non? French Toast

Non, it’s not really a thing here.


Sure, aux États-Unis we like to leisurely sip on our café, but not en France! We Parisian girls have things to see and people to do…wait…

Hence, I give you ESPRESSO. All the jitters of American coffee, with none of the giant mug! You can add crème and/or sucre to your espresso, but know that you are being judged by a café full of Paris natives not only for your Nikes but also for taking your coffee like an 11-year-old girl.