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Oh you France-y, huh?

Oui ou Non? Le Métro

I mean, yeah, it’s hot in there, it stops running at like 1:00, and a homeless man will probably show you his andouillette, but at the end of the day, the metro is fast and reliable. Plus most lines have accordion players!

Oui, Parisians really do take le métro everyday.

Hungry Chic

So you know in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, when Holly Golightly is all nomming on that pastry and you’re like, “Someone who looks like Audrey Hepburn would never eat a pastry,” or maybe someone who eats a pastry would never look like Audrey Hepburn…either way, you’re like, “Okay, this movie has lost all it’s credibility, it is clearly a sci-fi flick.” But the point is, some skinny chick is eating a fat girl breakfast and it baffles you, you know? Yeah, WELCOME TO PARIS.

I’m pretty sure pain au chocolat is French for cellulite. Yet you never see a fat French woman. Continue reading

Oui ou Non? Escargot

Oui, escargot is the hamburger of Paris.

Oui ou Non? Greek Life

Non, it is very much NOT a thing here.

When I tried to explain sororities and fraternities to my new host family over dinner last night, they literally LOL’d. They LLOL’d. LLOL=literally laugh out loud.

“Why would you join this club?”
“To be their friend.”
“You can’t be their friend unless you join this club?”
“No, of course you can!”
“Then why would you join this club?”
I’ve got nothin’.

Just wait until I describe SHAKE DAY…

Nude Beaches

The only thing more embarrassing than looking like a lobster after a day at the beach is having tan lines, which, with the modern technology of sunscreen and spray-tans, is completely avoidable!

I mean REALLY, Kim, get your shit together!

Then again, spray-tans can get streaky and, as it turns out, that urban legend that tanning beds are bad for you isn’t an urban legend after all…but fear not, for I present a solution: NUDE BEACHES.
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Oui ou Non? Confiture


Get it?! Prime example of Franglais.

Oui ou Non? Macarons

Oui, they are EVERYWHERE.

Non, the French don’t actually eat them on the reg.


Scarves for Dummies: A Love Story

Read the tale of how one, lone, pink scarf from J. Crew’s 2012 Spring collection changed my wardrobe life…

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Oui ou Non? Ballet Flats

Oui, they’re totally a thing here.

Oui ou Non? French Toast

Non, it’s not really a thing here.