How To: Mexican in Paris

As heavenly as baguette avec fromage et confiture is for every meal, every once in a while you start craving American food, you know, like pizza and Chinese take-out. So while my friends and I were in Nice last weekend, we decided to faire la cuisine that we missed the most from the States: Mexican.

Since this blog was almost named, I figure I should educate my readers in living overseas, or being a broad abroad, if you will. Making a Mexican-inspired meal can be tricky in France! You will be able to easily find the following:
-Ground beef
-Old El Paso seasoning
-Tortilla chips
Other ingredients will be more tricky. Below you will find the ingredient you CAN find, followed by what it is substituting:
-Red beans/”haricots rouges” (substitution for black beans/refried beans)
-Fresh avocado (the guac here  is pretty rough)
-Mimolette cheese, which you can cut up (substitution for shredded cheddar)
-“Le Petit Suisse”, which is similar to Greek yogurt (substitution for sour cream)
Oh, and don’t forget tequila, salt, and lime, of course, which can be found at any supermarché. Happy cooking!

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