Baby’s First Gay Bar

What better place to go with your gay bestie than a gay bar?!

That’s a no brainer, a piece of gluten-free rice cake, right? WRONG. As much as I like boys who like boys, the feeling isn’t mutual! That’s right, THEY DIDN’T WANT ME. I think the bouncer’s exact words were, “This gay club, it for boy only.” Shit, Ferdinand, don’t you know my gay bestie and I are going to bring in some serious revenue tonight?

Anyway, Rosalind and I finally convinced him to let us in (aka Jeremy and Ryan came back to the door and said, “It’s okay, they’re with us”…typical), and it wasn’t even that bumpin’ because apparently things don’t pick up in Le Marais until 2:00. I should have known the Parisian gays had perfected being fashionably late…

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