Not Feelin’ It…

You know those people with a rebound time of -5 hours? Before you’ve even finished your drunchies, they’ve rested and are ready to rally?

Take Jérôme, for example, he’s ALWAYS ready to go. That’s part of why we’re so perfect, I’m the same way…until I’m not. To quote my favorite Barbadian philosopher, Rihanna, I’m 0 to 60 in 3.5.

Photos literally taken within an hour of each other

Some nights you’re just not on the pursuit of happiness and not in the mood to hear that Kid Cudi is, you know? So on those nights, don’t be a Debbie. Tell your friends that you just aren’t feelin’ it. Chug some Smart Water, rent a movie on itunes, do what you need to do, but get your boring ass HOME.

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