Phrases Utile

When traveling abroad, it is good to learn basic language. “I’d like a beer.” “Where’s the bathroom?” “I need a taxi.” “Just not in my hair.”

Below is a list of useful phrases (followed by the translation and pronunciation) that I compiled for one of my friends who was brave dumb enough to come to Paris sans any knowledge of French.

-Bonjour: Good morning.
-Bonsoir: Good night. “Bon-swa”
-Comment ça va?: How are you? (not super formal) “Com-aunt sa va?”
-Bien: Well. “Bee ehn.”
-Où sont les toilets?: Where is the bathroom? “Ooh sont lay twa-lets?”
-Où est …?: Where is…? “Ooh ay…?”
-Je voudrais …: I would like … (ordering food/drinks) “Je voo-dray…”
-Je ne parle pas le français: I don’t speak French. “Je ne parrel pa le francais.”
-Parlez-vous l’anglais?: Do you speak English? “Parlay voo l’ang-lay
-Je m’appelle Lucy: My name is Lucy.
-S’il vous plait: Please. “See voo play”
-Merci: Thank you.
-Non/Oui: No/Yes
-Je suis perdu. Voici mon address.: I am lost. Here is my address. “Je swee pear-doo. Vwa-see mon addrESS.
-Pardon: Excuse me. “Par-DON”
-Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Just kidding!

Comment if you think of any I left out. Bonnes vacances!

3 responses to “Phrases Utile

  1. That man over there is my husband, please tell him he should buy this for me….

  2. Anything sans Gluten?

  3. Please translate….Don’t be mean…I’m trying!

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