La Sorbonne

When you google “the Sorbonne” this is the photo that comes up. I don’t know WTF this is a photo of, but it don’t look nothin’ like where I’ve been going errday. The Sorbonne I know more resembles a 1960s mental hospital…but really, I’m expecting to see Winona Ryder playing Downtown on the guitar any day now…

I know the Sorbonne is, like, the Harvard of France, but I want to know what the Sewanee of France is. This place is overcrowded (there are never enough places for all the students), scary (as previously mentioned), and EVERYONE IS FRENCH (I guess that’s to be expected).

In class the other day, le prof asked me to open the blinds, but what I heard was something more along the lines of “aljdkfetuadnnvdluadknbdkuanku la lumière asldkjfdhsdkutenv quand même.” Huh? “Um…repetez s’il vous plaît?” “askugneudkngksejklndmsdingnelsifnskdlkfnejsling.” Oh, now I see…NOT. When in doubt, smile and nod. “Oui, merci,” I said. Then the boy behind me opened them. I was wondering if everyone had noticed I was foreign yet. Well, at least I can now answer that without a doubt.

5 responses to “La Sorbonne

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  3. You were maybe lookin 4 another campus of La Sorbonne.. maybe le Panthéon?

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  5. Haha great entry! But the Sorbonne isn’t the French Harvard, its a public University, just the biggest one in Paris I think (thats why so overcrowded).

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