Mon Retour

At this point, you’re probably sarcastically saying, Were you, like, in France or something? because I pretty much incorporate it into conversation anytime I get the chance. Is she still going to talk about living in France? Well it was basically the peak of my life so YEAH, I’d say I’m still going to talk about living in France. But just for a minute.

See, I got this idea in my head that the reason that I was so happy in Paris was because I was so happy, not because I was in Paris. You feel me? I thought, It isn’t Paris–I have changed! c9TqT

Ha, good one! What, did I think that the legal drinking age in Tennessee would become 18 upon my return? That a Bon Marché would just spring up on Sewanee campus? That 3€ wine would suddenly become the global norm?

I guess. So I was in for a rude awakening when I rolled up in the US of A like…tumblr_inline_mobbteHQju1rnvwt1

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