My Dog has an STD and Other Atrocities at Home

Remember what I said last time about being in Limbo? I take it back…
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate America. Or Tennessee. I don’t even hate Greeneville.

It’s just that my bedroom at home is stuck in a time warp. It looks like the room of one of those children from SVU who goes missing but her parents never change her bedroom because they’re so sure she’s still out there. There is literally a dollhouse on my dresser, complete with Madame Alexander’s Gone with the Wind collection, not to mention my self-portrait that I made in the 1st grade, in which I portrayed myself as A BEAR.DownloadedFile

Additionally, my dogs were diagnosed with an STD last month. Well, is scabies an STD? I don’t even know, but either way, we didn’t raise them to be the type of hoodlums who get contact dermatitis, and their convalescence has taken its toll on our family, nonetheless.

Oh, how I mourn my days as a Parisian.DownloadedFile

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