A Tree Froze in Brooklyn

Alternate title: Snow Diggity

28: Hours since Mayor de Blasio declared a Winter Weather Emergency in New York City.

85 million: People in the path of Blizzard Jonas.

30: Inches of snow predicted in southern New York.

26.8: Actual inches of snowfall in Manhattan.

16: Emergency alerts on my phone from Notify NYC.

11: Texts from my grandmother asking if I’m alive.

500: People in line at Trader Joe’s on Friday night.

4: Free scones the guy at the coffee shop by my apartment gave me since they were closing early.

5: Minutes it took to regain feeling in my fingers after writing this.IMG_8803-1.JPG

1: Jar of queso and bag of chips I picked up on my way home Friday night…in queso emergency.

4.5: Feet of snow I climbed over to get to Duane Reade.

3: Times I swiped my CVS card at said Duane Reade before I realized where I was. Blizzard-induced psychosis.

2:30 pm: When all non-emergency vehicles had to be off the roads in NYC and Long Island on Saturday.

11: Bicycles buried on the corner of Broome and Orchard on Saturday morning.IMG_8799
3: Glasses of wine I consumed before 6:00 pm on Saturday night.

20 degrees: Low temperature this weekend

82%: Increased likelihood of matching on Hinge during inclement weather.IMG_8796

29: Consecutive hours I spent in my apartment.

2: Pairs of socks I wore when I did venture outside.

0: Days New Yorkers take off for snow.

**Post style inspired by CNN’s “By the numbers”

2 responses to “A Tree Froze in Brooklyn

  1. Lucy, NEW YORK NEEDS YOU. So glad you are there! I cannot wait to visit you ? Love, JR

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